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Arts Education at Botelle:


My name is Mrs. Shana Bazelmans and I am the art teacher here at Botelle. I am a visual artist and a teacher. It's where these two interests merge that I find truly exciting. I like to think of myself more as a creative facilitator. I really enjoy helping my students bring their artistic ideas to fruition and seeing them develop their own tastes, opinions, and personal style. I have been teaching for the past ten years and am very happy to be a new member of the faculty here at Botelle School in Norfolk where I live. I welcome questions, like to share ideas, and look forward to seeing all of the wonderful things your children will create this year in the art room.

Art classes teach kids to...


Observe. Evaluate. Experiment. Use different materials. Reflect. Try new things. Respect differences. Solve problems. Appreciate beauty. Trust your own voice. Learn history. Innovate. Dream. Learn from mistakes. Make connections. Clean up mess. Finish. Persevere. Share work. Collaborate. Express self. Engage. Design. Imagine. Celebrate diversity. Develop aesthetics. Tell stories. Recycle. Make thing happen. 




Artsonia is a digital art gallery/portfolio/museum that I use as a means to share artwork with you throughout the school year. As a parent, you will need to sign in with your personalized screen name and parent code. Artsonia has a  store where you can purchase items imprinted with your child's artwork as well. Any purchase directly supports the visual arts program at Botelle with 20% of the sale going to the art room account for future supplies and projects. Check it out!  -

Local and Artsy


A must see. Check the websight for open house dates. >

Museum pass available from our local library that provides many discounts for educational artistic daytrips. >


More to come...

Visiting Artists

It is my hope that I will be able to bring in a variety of visiting artists that will inspire our students and help forge real world connections through exploring the many different ways and capacities that professional artists work. Calling all local artists!!!


Come and share your skills and creativity with our school community. I promise that it will be fun and rewarding. Likely, you will be the one who walks away inspired by the uninhibited creativity of our students! 

If interested, please send me an email or give me a call...

860-542-5286 ext.100 





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